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Booth Prices                                              

10'x10' @ $5.50 per Sq Ft   $550

10'x20' @ $5.00 Per Sq Ft $1,000

20'X20' @ $4.00 Per Sq Ft.$1,600


Limited outdoor space available,

contact the office 778-694-3897

Booth Layout


All 10'x10' & 10'x20' booths come with an 8' back drape and 3' side drapes.

All 20'x20' booth come with a 3' back drape and are open on 3 sides for maximum exhibiting exposure

Booking Your Booth(s)


Please, select 3 booth choices then follow the link to book your booth. Once you have booked your choices and filled out the booth rental form we will contact you to let you know which booth choice is available for you.